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Janitorial Business Marketing Fundamentals


Expert Author Ed Selkow

Janitorial Business Marketing Fundamentals
By []Ed Selkow

The basis of any marketing program in the janitorial industry must encompass every available vehicle. The marketplace is too competitive to rely on old stand-bys that worked in the past. The companies that are experiencing solid growth understand the current market.

Old line companies that do not understand the market have seen growth stagnant or stand still. Failure to understand the current competitive landscape will yield disappointment and waste valuable limited resources particularly in a small or start-up in today’s market.

The vehicles that MUST be employed include the traditional ones of;

1. Networking through professional associations
2. Telemarketing
3. Direct mail
4. Fax follow up
5. Personal sales calls
6. Public relations ie; writing for local media, volunteer programs, community involvement.

Now with the wide spread use of computers these vehicles MUST include;

1. Email campaigns
2. A significant web presence (optimized) which includes a web site, a response device, an on going blog updated twice weekly, video/audio links (NO cheesy, home made videos, they will only HURT)
3. A unique selling proposition ( a position that differentiates one company from all others )
4. A social media presence

All of the vehicles must be employed and then integrated to work together. No one vehicle will work all by itself and each vehicle cannot be pulling in separate directions. Using one or two will not work effectively, period. Not having them integrated will not work either. Now here’s the really important piece, just one or two methods worked at one time. Many great companies were built with just networking or just personal sales calls.

The old standard vehicles of advertising just won’t work any more and if the truth be known, they never did work that well. Newspaper advertising is dead. TV and radio never worked for commercial janitorial services. In some markets good sized office buildings get three to four sales calls before lunch. There has been a five fold increase in the number of janitorial companies over the last 30 years in the United States.

One reason is a proliferation of janitorial franchise companies and prepackaged “success” kits sold on the internet. The secret of the janitorial franchise business is that the money paid to the franchise company eats into what was once profits and individual franchise owners are little more than employees with no benefits. Insiders admit that a master franchise owner or the franchise company itself is a license to steal.

The days of 4 TV channels is over as are the days of horse and buggys, THINGS CHANGE. Some folks recognize the changes and some are stuck in some nostalgic fog. That’s why today you see 60 year old guys running around with pony-tails, ear rings and Jefferson Airplane Concert t-shirts, that punctuate every sentence “faaar out”.

You have two choices, recognize the current reality or “keep on truckin'” down nostalgia row and you too can wind up in a multi-colored, VW microbus covered with daffodils and peace signs, broken down on the interstate, which will definitely NOT be “faaar out”!

Ed Selkow

Ed Selkow is a veteran of the janitorial industry and works as a consultant helping janitorial companies grow. His unique perspective of having started several companies, working for both large national and regional companies makes him a recognized authority on growing janitorial services.

Article Source: [] Janitorial Business Marketing Fundamentals

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Janitorial Business Plan & Profit Formula


Janitorial Business Plan & Profit Formula
By []Jared D. Ingram

A Janitorial business is referred to as a well paid and at the same time a steady business which generally involves night shift on a contract basis. Out here you carry out a certain services and get paid by the client in exchange 0f the offered services.

In recent time’s highly competitive market you should think competitively all through your Janitorial business plan. This rule of thumb goes for all now mater how seasoned entrepreneur you are or rather how powerful your concept is.

The Janitorial business plan takes into account the financial aims as well as strategic operational aims of the business. You need to mention the financing you require, depending on your financial forecasts. You need to also include information about any finance offered by the management team or founder and mention the key risks to the Janitorial business. You may go in for any janitorial business like commercial cleaners, commercial cleaning services, building cleaners,building maintenance, property maintenance, floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, office cleaning, clean room specialists, restaurant cleaning service, service station cleaning service, pavement cleaners, steam cleaning service, window cleaners, drapery cleaners, industrial cleaners to name few. Whatever business option you go for, make sure to prepare an adequate Janitorial business plan.

However, the job of creating a janitorial business plan is indeed a bit challenging. But with the right group of suggestions as well as right efforts on your part, I am sure you’ll be able to accomplish the job successfully.

The profit formula of this business is pretty interested. In other words, this form of business helps you to earn good profits. There are some businesses that have their set up in more than one location and hence by choosing them as your clients you widen your prospects of making money.

You don’t have to look for new accounts so as to earn good profits from this business, instead you need to simply expand your services that your presently offer to your clients and make money in the process.

For example, you can make money from anything and everything starting from wall washing, carpet cleaning, and window cleaning or may be even plant care. You may also earn good profits by selling some of the supplies to your customers as well. Supplies like paper towel, toilet paper containers etc help you make extra profit.

Believe me, there are innumerable people who have made tons of money by offering added services to their clients. If you have just stepped into the industry then you need to start small or rather say that you need to initially offer small services like basic office cleaning services. Once your business starts growing you can introduce a couple of other services as well.


Well, now that you have gone through this article carefully, I guess issues like profit making and the importance of an adequate business plan are clear to you. Then why look for options? Start off with this business right now and see how success knocks at your door.

Need a   Janitorial Business Plan? Discover the easy client-getting method for your janitorial business and plan your janitorial service business plan to perfection. Make BIG money in your own janitorial business using my quick start janitorial cleaning business client-getting formula now at:

Article Source: [] Janitorial Business Plan & Profit Formula

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Christmas Cleaning Special


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Start a cleaning or janitorial business

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The most famous maids from television and film….

An infographic highlighting some of the most famous maids from television and film.
Obviously we love maids, so here some iconic maids from Rosie on the Jetsons to Berta from Two and a Half Men.  Hope you enjoy this little compilation and feel free to comment below!
Famous Cleaning Maids from TV and Film
Miracle Maids Austin & Round Rock
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Famous Cleaning Maids from TV and Film
Miracle Maids Austin & Round Rock

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