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Start a cleaning or janitorial business

Uploaded on Feb 1, 2010

Free advice column at Professional guidence, training and support on starting a janitorial service covering all aspects of this field. including carpet cleaning, floor care office cleaning and more

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HOUSEKEEPING Training Video for Professional Cleaners

Uploaded on Aug 23, 2011

Certificated Training Online for 99p see

More updates at

Or our company web site or Call 020 7700 3322

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The most famous maids from television and film….

An infographic highlighting some of the most famous maids from television and film.
Obviously we love maids, so here some iconic maids from Rosie on the Jetsons to Berta from Two and a Half Men.  Hope you enjoy this little compilation and feel free to comment below!
Famous Cleaning Maids from TV and Film
Miracle Maids Austin & Round Rock
Is your favorite maid on the list?
Tell us what you think, leave a comment below, and of course feel free to like this infographic with the social buttons in the left sidebar!

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Famous Cleaning Maids from TV and Film
Miracle Maids Austin & Round Rock

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One Stop Solution Cleaning Sample Doc Penguin Cleaning Services

House Cleaning Perth

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Penguin Cleaning Perth Sample Document

Cleaning Services Perth

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Cleaning Services In Perth Sample Document

Cleaning Services in Perth

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An Infographic study of the House Cleaning and Maid Service Statistics


Thinking of spending some time cleaning your house over the weekend? Here are some facts and statistics about house cleaning both in the US and in different parts of the world.

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