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The most famous maids from television and film….

An infographic highlighting some of the most famous maids from television and film.
Obviously we love maids, so here some iconic maids from Rosie on the Jetsons to Berta from Two and a Half Men.  Hope you enjoy this little compilation and feel free to comment below!
Famous Cleaning Maids from TV and Film
Miracle Maids Austin & Round Rock
Is your favorite maid on the list?
Tell us what you think, leave a comment below, and of course feel free to like this infographic with the social buttons in the left sidebar!

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Famous Cleaning Maids from TV and Film
Miracle Maids Austin & Round Rock

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Penguin Cleaning Perth Sample Document

Cleaning Services Perth

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Cleaning Services In Perth Sample Document

Cleaning Services in Perth

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An Infographic study of the House Cleaning and Maid Service Statistics


Thinking of spending some time cleaning your house over the weekend? Here are some facts and statistics about house cleaning both in the US and in different parts of the world.

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Episode 66 – Should You Hire Experienced Cleaning Technicians?

Episode #66 – Video Transcription

Today I’m going to talk about whether hiring experienced cleaners is a good idea — or not. Let’s see if the following exchange sounds at all familiar to you. “I’ve got 10 years of cleaning experience” said the applicant.”Wow, 10 years – just what I’d hoped for. Now I don’t have to spend so much time training!” thought the supervisor. Have you ever thought this way when hiring cleaning staff?

In theory it sounds great — lots of experience means they know the ropes. You can just show them around and they’ll know what to do. But if you’ve been in the cleaning industry for any length of time, you’ve probably had a slightly different experience with “experienced” cleaners. There can be some drawbacks.

First, we assume that since they’ve got experience, they actually know what they’re doing. But what most employers find is that they’ve either exaggerated their experience or their training has been so poor that they’re not doing things correctly or safely. I can’t tell you how many people have told us they have years of experience, but ended up taking so many short cuts that the job had to be re-done, costing us precious profit. Or other employees noticed this “new” employee doing things differently than the way THEY were taught, causing problems with the staff.

Now you may find a prospective employee that worked for the same cleaning company for many years. At first glance that sounds great, because longevity at one job means there’s a good chance they’ll stick around. But the downside is, you may find they’re pretty set in their ways. Some people feel that since they’ve been cleaning for so long they don’t need anyone telling them how to clean – even if their new employer has different procedures that will save time and money.

On the flip side, you may find a person that has worked at several different cleaning companies for many years. This can be a red flag for you because it’s likely to mean they’ll eventually leave your company as well. When people work for many cleaning companies they’ve either been fired for poor performance or quit because they’re not happy wherever they go. And you certainly don’t need an unhappy employee dragging the rest of the staff down.

Now all that being said, I’m not saying you should NEVER hire experienced workers, because you can often times find a gem among the rocks. Just interview them very closely, ask lots of probing questions and check references.

So what about hiring inexperienced cleaning technicians? The advantage of this, is that they are much more open and willing to learn new skills and are generally very trainable. You want to be able to train your employees to do things YOUR way and using YOUR systems. In the case of inexperienced cleaners, make sure you give them a clear picture of what this type of job looks like, and always ask plenty of probing questions, to see how they would handle certain situations. This will reveal a lot about the type of employee they’ll be.

So I hope this gives you an idea of the possible pitfalls of hiring experienced employees. And I’d like to ask you — Do you hire experienced cleaners? Why or why not? Post your comments below the video at

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Marketing Your Cleaning Business


Marketing Your Cleaning Business
By []John F Smith

When you’re planning to start a cleaning business, always remember that clients are not after your prices, but they most take into account your service’s ‘value.’ That is why when you start a cleaning business of your own, make sure that you have the right equipments and the appropriate training for your workers in order for you to provide the best cleaning service to your clients. However, in order to earn, you need to promote your business so that potential clients would know about your business. Thus, part of your success in your business is to have an effective marketing strategy.

One of the things you can do to market your business is to have a wide network of connections. Try to meet as many people as possible, for example when attending events, conventions, and meetings, and tell them about your new cleaning business. Of course, do so in a friendly way. Try to be interesting. You can also call prospective clients and ask them if they need cleaning services. The impression that you will make to them can affect you marketing strategy.

Also, you can ask people for referrals. Ask your current clients if they know anyone who might need your cleaning service. Aside from the fact that you will discover new clients, asking for referrals can also be your chance to widen your business network. In case your clients increased because of these referrals, be ready to help those clients who referred you when situations come that they need your help.

Another solid investment for your cleaning service is doing advertisements. Advertising does not need to be expensive since you can do it in the internet or by giving away flyers to attract housecleaning clients. You can also do advertising through local ads in your community and business magazines. The more advertisements you have, most likely, you’re going to have more clients. But it still depends on your marketing strategy.

In addition, you can look for joint ventures if you find a business that matches yours. For example, your cleaning office business can team up with a construction clean-up business.

Offices can be one of your foremost clients when it comes to cleaning services. Since businesspeople are most often preoccupied by their work, cleaning their own office becomes last in their priority list. To find offices as your client, you may contact their offices and promote your business. Remember that you should not be too selective when looking for prospective clients especially if your business is still just starting out. Whether it is a small or big company, grab every opportunity that may come to you and offer your clients the service they want and need.

Aside from offices, hospitals, clinics, laboratories and other medical facilities can also be possible big clients for cleaning business. Janitorial services and facility maintenance are the most common in demand services in medical facilities. Also, medical facilities especially hospitals need utmost cleaning since most of the dirt accumulate in these places. To avoid contagion of diseases, twenty four-hour cleaning service is needed in hospitals. Thus, if you have hospitals and medical facilities as your clients, you can be assured that you can get your business into a weekly income rise.

Learn []How to start a cleaning business, visit []

Article Source: [] Marketing Your Cleaning Business

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Hospital Cleaning Service – What to Look For?


Expert Author Andrew Stratton

Hospital Cleaning Service – What to Look For?
By []Andrew Stratton

Select a service that specializes in the hospital cleaning to halt the spreading of infectious diseases, comply with all the necessary guidelines, and ensure your hospital looks its best. When selecting a hospital cleaning service it is best to hire a company that specializes in hospital housekeeping. Hospitals are not your ordinary office buildings; they are institutions which require intensely sanitary conditions to protect their patients from the spreading of bacteria and viruses.

The intent of hospitalization is to heal a patient rather than introduce them to new and dangerous diseases. That is why it so critical to hire a cleaning service that is highly rated and experienced in hospital sanitation. Your housekeeping selection will make all the difference when it comes to the success of your institution.

A cleaning service specializing in hospitals and health management institutions should be trained to properly sanitize and straighten up patient recovery rooms, exam rooms, operating rooms, X-ray rooms, emergency rooms, and MRI rooms taking special care to not tamper with expensive medical machinery and materials.

It should also important to remember that any cleaning service you decide to hire should be capable of suitably maintaining all waiting rooms, reception and admission stations, offices, cafeterias, and public areas. These are the sections that patients see first and this first impression usually weighs heavily in their opinion of the entire facility.

No one wants to check themselves or their loved ones into a hospital with dirty and foul smelling waiting room. It is for this reason that public areas should be given sufficient attention. Daily cleaning should be made to all rooms and periodic deep cleanings should be made periodically.

Hospitals are also dangerous areas and cleaning employees should be properly trained to handle blood borne pathogens and infectious diseases. The company should also provide programs for the management of bio hazardous waste products and recycling.

Hiring a cleaning service that focuses on healthcare facilities are more likely to meet current health and Safety, and infection control requirements as well as complying with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines.

When searching for the right cleaning service for your hospital pay attention to the structure and efficiency of the management. This is a good indicator of the competence and proficiency of the entire group.

Question whether and how often management inspects the work of their employees. Inspection of the facility and employee performance should be done regularly and often. Management should also conduct customer satisfaction reports from among patients, hospital staff, and visitors, and make appropriate adjustments. A capable management is crucial to the success of any business and should be heavily examined before hired.

All of the employees, cleaners especially, should be properly trained in both cleaning and customer service. Cleaners are always running into patients, staff, and visitors while on the job and it is important that they are efficient, competent, friendly, and professional in their attitude and appearance.

In addition to these qualities, all employees and the company as a whole ought to be responsible and reliable. The cleanliness of a hospital is vital to the health and healing of it is patients and should never be neglected. []Atlanta commercial cleaning services specialize in the hospital cleaning to halt the spreading of infectious diseases. It complies with all the necessary guidelines, and ensures your hospital looks its best. Find out about the services they offer at []

Article Source: [—What-to-Look-For?&id=1935327] Hospital Cleaning Service – What to Look For?

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Property Preservation Training

Published on Jul 4, 2013

Property Preservation Foreclosure Cleaning Day 1 Trainnig part

# 1 Reason Why Foreclosure Cleaning Businesses Fail .

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Its The Cleaning Lady


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