Cleaning Business Tips – Meeting With a Prospective Client


Cleaning Business Tips – Meeting With a Prospective Client
By []Janice Fowler

Finally, your house cleaning business has gone one step higher. Calling clients and dealing with them through the phone is one, but now you are starting to meet with clients personally. That is great news, actually.

If a prospective client agrees to meet with you personally, that means that they are interested in your services. Otherwise, with their busy schedules and all, they won’t be going out of their way just to know about your services and packages. After all, the phone is within reach, and a phone call would get them the information they need without even leaving their office or homes. So for your cleaning business, opportunities are very much likely if prospective clients meet with you face to face.

Where to Have the Meeting
Once you have set the time and date of the meeting, the next challenge that comes is where to hold it. You have options on this one: first, your office; second, your client’s office or home; thirds, a restaurant; and fourth, a caf� – whichever is convenient for you.

If you have an office and wish to hold the meeting there, make sure that it is clean and organized. If it doesn’t look presentable, then you’d better find a different meeting venue. Your office will be a reflection of you and your cleaning business; opportunities to get a client or not will depend on this, partly.

Next, if it’s in your client’s office or home, make sure you are on time and not keep them waiting. That would be very professional and would be plus points for you. Also, look nice – not sloppy. Your appearance will also reflect how you might do the job. And lastly, if you decide to have the meeting at a caf� or restaurant, choose one that isn’t too noisy and crowded. You will be discussing many things and having rowdy surroundings isn’t appealing. Remember these. Cleaning business tips like these don’t come every day.

How to Look
Noting that you are a house cleaning business owner, and your business is one that specializes in cleaning and organizing, it would make sense for you to look that way too. It would be a no-no to arrive at the meeting underdressed. Coming there in jeans, t-shirt, sneakers, or anything of that sort is a no-no.

So arrive in the meeting in a smart casual outfit, depending on where the meeting is. If the meeting is in a caf�, slacks and a nice top or dress shirt will do. If it’s in the house of the client, donning a blazer would be too formal and may look odd. Hence, these cleaning business tips should help you get on track.

Janice is an expert in cleaning services. Her experiences have given her insights to share to those who want to get into the business of servicing people’s houses and establishments. She believes that everyone deserves to learn, and it is up to the person to exert the efforts to make it work. Know more about Janice and her work at

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