Low Cost Start Up Cleaning Business Ideas

Author: Dean Walsh

Today there are literally thousands of different ideas for businesses that you can start from home with no costs at all or at least with a very minimal investment required. But many people who are looking for that kind of opportunity naturally gravitate towards online business, where it is well known that there are lots of opportunities and the costs are generally much lwer for a start up than would be the case for a more traditional type of company. Well, that is all the better for you if you want to start a cleaning business because it means that much less competition if other people are looking at different areas to start their business in.

On of the great things about a cleaning business is that most of them are low cost to start up, and the main requirement from you is that you are willing to work hard, pay attention to detail and do a good job. In other words, you don’t need qualifications, expert knowledge, or highly specific experience in order to set yourself up in business.

The general term ‘cleaning business’ obvioulsy covers quite a wide variety of things itself. If this is an areas that you thing you could do well i9n and you are looking for inspiration here are a few low cost start up ideas that may be worth your time to take a look at:

  1. Window Cleaning: As long as you have some kind of transport, which could be either a van or a car with a roof rack or something, then the only other things you need would be a ladder, squeegee, cloths, bucket and something to carry water in – all of which can be bought pretty cheaply if you do not already have them.
  2. Maid Service: Running a maid service company from home means that the only real costs are those associated with finding new business, and there are plenty of places online where you can do that on the cheap
  3. Car Valet Service: Most of the time this kind of service has their own premises, but you can make a selling point out of the fact that you visit your customers home to clean their automobile on their own driveway.

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Dean Walsh is an internet entrepreneur and writer who publishes articles on topics relating to how to start a cleaning business from home.

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