MaidBooks Premier Residential Cleaning & Maid Software Demo

Published on Apr 1, 2013

Premier Residential Cleaning Software
Managing A Residential Cleaning Business is Difficult
MaidBooks makes it EASY

Which lets you focus on your Customers &
Growing your Business

From Customers to Employees to Scheduling and everything in between, MaidBooks has you covered.

MaidBooks the right software for any residential cleaning business or maid service

MaidBooks was designed from the ground up specifically for the residential cleaning & maid industry. Whether you are just starting your business or have dozens of teams already, MaidBooks will fit your needs and grow with you.

When we were building MaidBooks we worked with over 50 residential cleaning business owners, ranging from 2 teams to over 35 teams. We listened, and built exactly what this industry has needed for so long.

MaidBooks is also updated weekly, so if there is a feature missing, just ask — we love hearing from our customers and improving the product!

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