Oven Cleaning Business – Why Start One?


Oven Cleaning Business – Why Start One?
By [http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Graham_Rogers]Graham Rogers

So why start an oven cleaning business?

Well oven cleaning is a job everyone hates doing because they find it to be:

• Hard work.

• A messy and dirty job.

• A job where they cannot get it finished to their own satisfaction.

• A job to get the shiny bits, such as the racks, shelves and grill pans back to their shining best as they do not fit into their own kitchen sinks.

• A job that is more trouble than it is worth as shop bought chemicals are so difficult and unsafe to use.

And because of all these things people just do not bother to even try and clean their own ovens, leaving them to get dirtier and dirtier. This also extends to their microwaves, to their cooker hobs and even to their extractor and hoods where extensive grease can be a fire hazard.

The Oven Cleaning Market

In the UK there is still a large untapped market for cleaning ovens as a lot of people just do not know that there is such a thing as an oven cleaning business providing an oven cleaning service and carry on using their filthy ovens ignorantly. For those that know they are using the service regularly and more people are tuning into the fact that they can only get a spotlessly clean oven and one that is cleaned SAFELY, if they get it cleaned professionally. Because of this oven cleaning as a professionally delivered service is on the up and there is an ever expanding market. Oven cleaning is THE service business for the future. Although there have been oven cleaning businesses in the UK since the early 1990s it is still only in the early stages of growth. Perhaps you can remember when it was considered a luxury to have your own cleaner or get in a company to get your ironing done? For us we have noticed that now it is more often the norm to have your own cleaner, especially if you are a couple of professional people who just have not got the time to do your own cleaning. Home cleaning is the ever expanding home service and oven cleaning is part of that growth.

What is the Business Potential?

As every household has a cooker that will need cleaning at some stage it also means that every household is a potential customer. With their ovens most households also have a hob, an overhead extractor unit or hood and a microwave oven. Our customers come from all walks of life and are not stereotyped into social classes as many people might expect. There are numerous reasons why someone may want to have their oven cleaned and we get the following customers:

1. Letting Agents who use us for end of tenancy cleans. Here in our area we have quite a few letting agents who use us regularly.

2. Private landlords for end of tenancy clean.

3. Student accommodation landlords, including university accommodation companies, who use us for student change over cleans.

4. Pregnant women, customers with children or other people who are concerned that the process of cleaning an oven with shop bought products may be harmful to their own or their children’s health.

5. People with allergies to normal shop bought cleaning products which includes asthmatics. They like our safe process as it is non-toxic.

6. Elderly people who used to regularly clean their own ovens but now ‘cannot get down’ to clean their ovens. They like the fact that we do get down and do a thorough job for them. They are proud people who want the one job they now cannot do themselves done for them.

7. Working people or professional people who do not have the time to clean their own ovens.

8. Cleaning contractors who sub contract the cleaning of ovens to us as we can do the job quicker and more thoroughly than they can.

9. Disabled people who cannot clean their oven.

10. People who have enough money do get their household chores done by other people and whose cleaners do not clean their ovens.

11. Cleaning Agencies whose cleaners again do not clean ovens as there is a potential for the cleaners to cause a lot of damage to the oven and kitchen surfaces with shop bought oven cleaners.

12. Military Establishments where end of tenancy, or “March Out Cleans”, of ovens, hobs and extractors are required to the highest standard.

13. Commercial establishments. We tend to clean village halls, town halls, sports clubs and the occasional pub.

Our oven cleaning business operatives clean typically 3 to 4 ovens a day, charging between sixty and one hundred and fifty pounds per job, depending on the size of the cooker and the amount of work carried out. All work is quoted at a fixed and inclusive price in advance on the phone and this is the price that is the customer pays. This is a fair way for the customer to ensure that they are getting a great service at a great price. With an average price of eighty pounds per clean each operative would normally take approximately two hundred to two hundred and eighty pounds per day.

Typically, annual costs per Oven Cleaning Operative are approximately five thousand pounds per year. On top of this figure if you have leased a vehicle or have hire purchase on a vehicle there will be additional costs, plus you will need to allow for advertising which will be dependent on area and methods use to market your business. However, potential earning of over forty thousand pounds for a one-van operation are very realistic and achievable once you have built your customer base up. Typically your target should be to achieve 600 clients per year which means that you will get to 1000 clients in about 18 months. Once this is achieved for a one van operation you would then concentrate on serving this client base with repeat cleans. So at this time your advertising costs would drop.

Oven cleaning is something that you can learn very quickly and therefore a business where you can start earning straight away – subject to marketing before the first day of cleaning.

Graham Rogers is the owner of OvenGleam.com oven cleaning business established in 2004. His passions include helping other people, good wines and good food. His hobbies include keeping fit with kettleball training. [http://www.theovencleaningbusiness.co.uk/]Oven Cleaning Business. [http://www.ovengleam.com/]Oven Cleaning.

Article Source: [http://EzineArticles.com/?Oven-Cleaning-Business—Why-Start-One?&id=4142222] Oven Cleaning Business – Why Start One?

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